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156. When your class starts at 1 but you need to show up before 8 if you want to park in NJ.

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155. When your new student seminar class gets rescheduled to common hour

154. When parking takes an hour because everything is full and transit isn’t issuing tickets

153. When Montclair decides its a good time to shut off the hot water, even though there are a ton of students living on campus going through job training.

152. When the print labs just decide they simply cannot today

When hearing about an event on campus…

When hearing about an event on campus…

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I get that we students with cars in residential lots have to move our cars every damn time it snows. The plows need to plow and our cars would get in the way and get boxed in by snow. BUT DO WE HAVE TO MOVE THEM ALL THE WAY TO FREAKING CAR PARK DIEM?! It’s all the way across freaking campus for those of us in the Village & Hawk Crossings. ALL THE WAY ACROSS FREAKING CAMPUS AND YOU NEVER HAVE SHUTTLES RUNNING DURING SNOW. And this time one of the main roads to get to the rest of campus is closed! Just let us friggin’ park in the transit deck! We’re shouldn’t have to park all the way across campus when there’s a perfectly good parking garage across the street and have to wake up at ungodly hours just to move them.

I totally understand your frustration! I wish it didn’t have to be so! However, if it does nothing but answer your question of why, Transit is owned by a separate company and not the school. For this reason, I am led to believe they cannot allow resident students to park there without incurring a charge. I hope this helps, and i’m sorry you are frustrated!